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tv   Journal  PBS  August 5, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> hello, and welcome to the journal coming to you from berlin. >> thanks for joining us. >> a turkish court hands down a controversial verdict, hundreds accused of plotting a coup. >> new zealand apologizes after bacteria is found in baby milk powder. >> the first taste of the new kind of a burger that is grown in a lab.
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thanks for being with us. a court in turkey has sentenced an army chief and other officers to life in prison -- in prison for planning a coup years ago. >> lawyers, academics, and journalists accused of trying to overthrow the turkish government. >> we will go live to assemble in just a moment but first, this report. >> teargas, grenades, and water cannons. they moved in against the demonstrators that wanted to protest against the verdict in the trial. >> ha 1 kilometer court raid.
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275 defendants were sentenced to long jail penalties. the court saw him as the ringleader of the coup. supporters called the trial and legal force. they say he he is trying to influence rivals. >> if you're trying someone for being a member of a terrorist organization, you're targeting in trying the army of the republic of turkey. >> the country sees itself as the guardian of secular turkey. others see a state within a state with generals pulling strings beyond all democratic control. when he was elected, he pledged to limit the military's power, accused of moving against critical journalists.
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the verdict is just another step on the road to an autocratic islamist state in turkey. >> protests against these verdicts have been banned and security forces were quick to crack down on those trying to protest. >> in istanbul, where i am, crowds have been gathering to protest against the verdict and have been met by a large presence of riot police. we are getting reports of disturbances in the capital. it seems limited in response. >> sidelining his rivals and enemies.
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>> when this case started, there was broad support. as the case unfolded, many of them outspoken critics of the government has led to a trial against opponents and have voiced concern as low as the u.s. and european union. there is a great deal of concern. it was understandable, the response of critics. >> of the military has long been the guarantor of a secular state of turkey. has the role been diminished? >> it seems the days of the army
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meddling in politics seems well and truly over. >> the united states has announced that 19 of its embassies in predominantly muslim countries will remain closed until at least the end of the week. there was a one-day closure of 22 u.s. outposts calling -- following a warning of planned attacks by al qaeda and its affiliates. >> germany, britain, and france temporarily shut down some of their diplomatic missions. it is the most credible and specific since 9/11.
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recent disclosures about the programs, they have the scandal growing by the day. >> to have admitted the passing on amounts of medical data. -- metadata. they are in compliance with laws but there is renewed concerns among politicians. >> the latest revelation is that they transferred massive amounts of meta data. the coals into such a bid by the germans. they are demanding answers. the government insists nothing has been done wrong.
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>> it has worked with the nsa and that is completely inappropriate. >> some are calling with a -- for a special parliamentary commission. >> we get the feeling the intelligence agencies only tell us what they absolutely have to instead of what they really should be telling us. >> there will be plenty to discuss when the control committee meets next monday. the german agencies will face questions about the extent of their cooperation. >> other stories making news around the world. japan's aggression in the
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nuclear power plant is likely discharging radioactive groundwater. they have a barrier designed to contain it and it threatens to seek into a nearby bay. >> protesters are demanding morsi's reinstatement as president in egypt. >> allies of the prime minister have held talks, concerned that the future of the current prime minister and supporters have been threatening to withdraw from the coalition after the media magnate was sentenced for tax fraud.
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>> there is a great concern when there is a violation of food safety. >> several countries have banned a formula by a giant, reawakening fears from a few years back when several babies died after being fed chinese- made a milk products. >> taking swift action to make sure no one is in danger from its products. >> removing baby formula from the market. 90% has been taken off the sale. parents are concerned. >> we have a newborn and have been using this brand because we thought it was a good one. the felt angry when we saw the news.
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we want to buy milk powder we can trust. >> it can cause botulism but can be fatal. so far, no cases of been reported. they tried to reassure officials in the public. >> we apologize to the people affected by the issue to guarantee for you that food safety and the safety of the people is our first and foremost interest. >> the safety of labs had damaged the reputation not just of them but the country as whole. >> competition in the market is two giants in the sector are
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going to court. >> vodaphone says telecom italia has restricted its access to the italian market over the past five years, leading the customer losses. >> they have complained about the abuse of dominant market position in the past and the company was ordered to pay 100 million in fines. we get this report from the trading floor of the stock exchange. >> trading only about 150 point below the all-time high. investors are thinking twice before they decide to get into stocks again. especially as economic data was not the only positive. services sectors are doing not
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too bad. retail sales declined, and the decline in the german retail sector was especially pronounced. >> let's take a look at the numbers from the financial markets in detail. they closed 8398. currently trading at $1.30 to 51. >> cut a beeper costing 250,000 euros lead to a cheap source of protein in the future? the first beef burger made from live grown me was served up in london. >> it may have come with a hefty price tag, but the scientists
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say that their technology is the answer to rising global demand for meat. >> we're years away, but the goal of the project's supporters is to bring the meat to a supermarket near you as soon as possible. >> but did it pass the all- important taste tests? >> the team recreated in a laboratory it is the first to be cooked and eaten by a volunteer for experts. >> it is close to me. -- to meat. >> they develop into muscle tissue. the goal is to when they meet global demand for meat. >> there are realize that it is at maximum and not going to supply sufficient to meet for
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the growing demand. so many to come up with an alternative >> 250,000. it may take awhile to convince the public. >> it is disgusting, horrible, and natural, it is poison, basically. >> scientists predict it could be on supermarket shelves within 10-20 years. those wanting an animal friendly milhaud will have to stick to vegetables. >> it sounds like a good idea. sounds like it needs a lot more work. it might need a little more fat in the flavor. syria opposes president makes a rare appearance in public and we will have the details for you.
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>> rocking the german world of sports. we will be back in just a minute, don't go away.
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>> welcome back. west germany accused f with of systematically doping and said that is what attributed to their success at the olympics. >> some of the suspicions were confirmed after german unification. some had been pumped with substances under the communist regime, often with out their own knowledge. >> report is kept under wraps and is now being released today. >> the information is not new
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but results of investigations are being released. there is taken the picture on research that include the statement by a former high- ranking west german politician. >> it cannot be denied by our athletes. >> included the use of steroids and even the doping of juvenile. the side effects were unnecessary risk. it was named for the former german rowing champion. >> i received a vitamin shot, something i had not received before. dodge the german institute of sports science plan to release results late last year.
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some say the investigations turned up more than a sporting officials were counting on. the opposition is calling for a special hearing. >> this is unacceptable. the interior minister has to let us discuss this on a factual basis and decide what to make of it. >> finally putting an end to the secrecy surrounding doping in west germany. >> we are joined in the studio by our correspondent. the program in the former east germany has been thoroughly analyzed. >> this differentiates the programs and it will be the
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address that went into a lot of the worst to come out of their pro gram. they certainly can't take them all anymore. it is not just a sort of late response to east german doping, and went on from the 1950's on words. it was a statewide demonstration. it west germany does not come out of this looking good. >> will there be any repercussions for the individuals involved? >> some of the figures took part in the 1970's, they have died. the report that came out today did not really go into much detail after 1990, careful not to implicate people that might
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be involved. they do have a great quote from one witness that pointed out how gleefully east german doping was taken on by the west german sports. even if the is just the tip of the eyes byrd, there was plenty going on for a long time. >> returned to syria where rebels are waging an assault on oil as the villages along the coast. giving a rare television speech. >> he vowed to stamp out the terror with an iron fist. the coastline is traditionally a power base for the sect. the uprising is in the third
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year and the conflict shows no signs of abating. >> the rebels are fighting for every inch of land, reportedly showing them in the region. in previous weeks, the rebels have shuffled big setbacks. the man they are fighting seems determined to and the war through fighting rather than negotiation. >> if we succeed in the civil war and continue to make gains, i can assure you that a solution will be achieved in a few months. we will be able to get out of this crisis and be terrorism. >> he reiterated that the crisis is confined to the battlefield. the opposition is funded and controlled by outside interests
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and also rejected negotiations. >> back to politics in germany, just seven weeks left until the country goes to the polls in a general election. one of the big issues is tackling the high cost of living. >> over 50% of germans and the home that they live then. one of the highest rates in europe. the cost of rentals are rising fast. >> sort calls for the government to intervene. we visited one young woman struggling to find a new apartment there. >> she and her friends read this apartment downtown, and have been told to move out. the new owner wants to move in. she is busy looking for a new place to live. he would like a one-bedroom
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apartment and can spend 900 a month. many cost over 1000. >> i spend so much on my apartment the there is not much left over for other things. >> the problem people are facing, rent rising fast in big cities. the cost has got up by about 16% in the past five years. in frankfurt, the rent has risen 17% over the same time. they have to pay 23% more. prices have soared by nearly 30% in the past five years. an increasing number of people want to live in cities. demand is exceeding supply.
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the government has cut back on subsidies for low cost housing. and the rental market is a lucrative source of them come. max organizes of the walking tours of his neighborhood and explains how the former blue- collar district is evolving. >> as you can see, this building has been renovated. >> the reds are increased. he has seen many of his neighbors move away were the cost of living is lower. >> people have lived there for years and the rent more than doubled overnight. it is alarming leak and uproot the community into has the money to live in the city and you have to go. -- and who has to go.
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>> putting the brakes on rental increases, a bad idea say industry representatives. >> there is any but the costs are too high, and the government is driving them up. they keep increasing the tax on property sales. >> she hopes that something will change on the real-estate market. her search for an apartment has become a race against time. >> if i don't find anything by september, i will have to move in with a friend. >> and remain hopeful that she can find an affordable place to live. >> what is a luxury and how transient is it? >> the exhibition is the first in a new series in the bavarian
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capital and we went to take a look. >> closer inspection reveals images of bizarre beauty. water, the elixir of life. it comes out of the faucet black. the properties of water and the reflective surface fascinates him. >> sometimes we drink it from the tap and if it is black, something is wrong with our basic conditions of life. >> visitors are welcome to walk on this installation.
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he calls his work news culture. >> i find it funny in asia, people ride bikes with huge items of luggage and that was my inspiration. >> of the offer visitors another source of inspiration. a 40 artists are taking part, the result is a lively and eclectic mix in which all aspects of art are represented. >> that is it from the journal for now. >> thanks for being with us.
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